Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Silicone Baking Mats

I tend to stick to the old ways, and I'm hard pressed to make purchases of new-fangled products. So nobody was more surprised than I was when I bought a set of silicone baking mats that I found for a great price at Costco.

I got two of these full sized mats:

And one half-sized mat:

I use the full-size mats constantly; the half-size mat doesn't get use as often, but it's great for a small batch of biscuits, heating up French bread, or reheating pizza...things like that).

You can use these mats in the oven up to 480 degrees (Fahrenheit) and they are totally worth the investment. I'm in love! Cookies and biscuits turn out beautifully. I swear the food doesn't brown as dark on the bottoms and the shapes are rounder.

Caring for them is easy too. I just wash them in the sink with a soft sponge and a small amount of dishwashing liquid and then rinse them well and let them air dry. Since nothing actually sticks to them, they come clean in a jiffy.

Here are some things I've learned:

The set I got from Costco came rolled up in a package, but I store mine flat. They lay much nicer on my cookie sheets as a result (instead of curling up at the edge).

I never use them as cutting mats. In fact, I don't cut any food on them ever, being careful to remove the food before doing so.

I don't use cooking spray, butter, shortening, or anything else to grease the mats before adding the food. They really are nonstick!

If you do any amount of baking at all you'll want to invest in a silicone baking mat or two. They are so worth it! In fact, I gave one of my precious mats to my youngest son's girlfriend because she is learning how to bake, and I plan on buying more to share with my daughters-in-law. To my way of thinking, everyone needs a silicone baking mat. They are just that good!

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