Saturday, November 9, 2013

Daisy Newman--A Quaker Author

I'm rereading some fiction books currently that are like dear friends to me. They are by author Daisy Newman, a Quaker (also known as Friends) whose books are gentle reads that can speak to us today, even though she wrote them many years ago.

The Kendal novels are my favorite, and titles include Diligence in Love; The Autumn's Brightness; I Take Thee, Serenity; and Indian Summer of the Heart. Kendal is a fictitious Friends community in Rhode Island, and to read these books is to fall in love with Quaker ideals of peace and love as well as the folks who people the pages of her stories. I highly recommend that you search on for her Kendal books or check your local library and start reading. You'll be glad you did!

Winter is the perfect time to settle into quiet evenings at home. And if Daisy Newman's books are part of your plan, you'll happily weather the short days and long evenings that are part of this season.


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